Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks.

Announced in Google Nexus Twitter:

The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks. Just hang tight!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Coca-Cola Live Wallpaper Campaign

The AdMob team at Google recently worked with the Coca-Cola Company to produce a live wallpaper celebrating the holiday season based on their annual holiday commercial. Live wallpapers are animated homescreen backgrounds that respond to both touch and phone movement, and can also react to the time of day and a device’s geographic location. This is the first time the AdMob team has worked with an advertiser on creating this type of mobile experience.

MINDdroid and LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

MINDdroid by LEGO SYSTEM A/S, LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, is a 2.1+ Android Application for the real-time direct action remote control of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots utilizing direct BlueTooth wireless connection between both devices - Android phone and your NXT robot and built-in accelerometer and tilt sensors found on most Android powered hand-held phones and devices.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

  • The intelligent NXT Lego brick features 32-bit microprocessor, a large matrix display
  • Three interactive servo motors; four sensors(Ultrasonic Sensor, 2 Touch Sensors and the all-new Color Sensor)
  • Color Sensor has triple functionality: Distinguishes colors and light settings, and functions as a lamp
  • Easy-to-use software (PC and Mac) with icon-based drag-and-drop programming and 16 fun building and programming challenges
  • There are 612 pieces in this product
  • Batteries not included with this product
  • Building instructions for 4 new amazing robots
  • Four input and 3 output ports, and Bluetooth and USB communication link

Friday, December 17, 2010

Learn about Android Graphics & Animations from Google's Android UI Toolkit team

Learn how to create awesome visuals and animations from Android UI Toolkit engineers, Romain Guy and Chet Haase.

In this presentation Romain and Chet will drill down into architecture, graphics and animations. You'll also get a look at some of the new Android API's coming in these areas.

** Get the slides from the event at http://marakana.com/f/212 **

Didn't make it to Devoxx 2K10? Well find out what you might have missed, as this is the same presentation Romain and Chet delivered at Devoxx. Through demos, slides, and code exmamples you will:

- get a detailed look at the Android architecture
- learn about formats, and how to optimize for performance
- get a few points on what's coming in Gingerbread
- learn about drawing tools (Paints, Shaders, ColorFilters, Xfermodes, and Bitmaps)
- How you can take advantage of animation to spice up your UI

** see more videos and tutorials on open source at: http://marakana.com/techtv **

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

App Inventor: Create your own Android App begins in your browser

You can build many different types of apps with App Inventor. Often people begin by building games like MoleMash or games that let you draw funny pictures on your friend's faces. You can even make use of the phone's sensors to move a ball through a maze based on tilting the phone.

But app building is not limited to simple games. You can also build apps that inform and educate. You can create a quiz app to help you and your classmates study for a test. With Android's text-to-speech capabilities, you can even have the phone ask the questions aloud.

To use App Inventor, you do not need to be a professional developer. This is because instead of writing code, you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app's behavior.


App Inventor in Action
A 60 second video showing an app being made with App inventor for Android.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Android Market will be updated on devices running Android 1.6 or higher

According to email from The Android Market Team, Android Market will be updated on devices running Android 1.6 or higher.

* The details page for every app will now utilize and display the app’s “Promotional Graphic” assets at the top.

* Users will be able to filter applications by content rating. Applications or games without a rating will be treated as “Mature”.

* The purchase refund window will be reduced to 15 minutes.

* The maximum size for .apk files will be increased to 50MB, from the current 25MB.

* Market will support filtering based on screen sizes and densities, as well as on GL texture compression formats.

* If app includes wallpapers or widgets, Market will automatically add them to new “dynamic” categories.

“I Want my Google TV!” contest

Google TV brings television, apps, and the entire World Wide Web directly to your living room...so you can watch even more YouTube, only now on the biggest screen in your home. And because it’s the season of giving, the crew here at YouTube and Google are excited to announce a contest to give away 100 free 46” Sony Internet TVs powered by Google TV.

Links: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2010/12/announcing-i-want-my-google-tv-contest.html

Mobile web Gmail NOW in 44 languages

The latest version of HTML5 mobile webapp of Gmail (gmail.com in your iPhones running iOS 2.2.1 and above, or all versions of Android) now support 44 new languages. Now expanding to Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK and American), Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (for both Portugal and Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (for both Spain and South America), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Motorola DEFY. Official TV Commercial

The Motorola DEFY TV Ad, directed by award winning Carl Erik Rinsch, tells the story of how important the resilience of a mobile phone is on a fun night out. Motorola DEFY is the first Android™ smartphone that is water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof, so it can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach -- ultimately, it's life proof.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Android Market client

Over the next two weeks, a new Android Market client to all devices running Android 1.6 or higher will be rolled out.

This new Market client introduces important features that improve merchandising of applications, streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, and make it easier for developers to distribute their applications.

Source: http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/12/android-market-client-update.html

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Android Wireless Application Development Second Edition

Product Description

Android™ Wireless Application Development  Second Edition

Lauren Darcey
Shane Conder

The start-to-finish guide to Android application development: massively updated for the newest SDKs and developer techniques!

This book delivers all the up-to-date information, tested code, and best practices you need to create and market successful mobile apps with the latest versions of Android. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder cover every step: concept, design, coding, testing, packaging, and delivery. The authors introduce the Android platform, explain the principles of effective Android application design, and present today’s best practices for crafting effective user interfaces. Next, they offer detailed coverage of each key Android API, including data storage, networking, telephony, location-based services, multimedia, 3D graphics, and hardware.

Every chapter of this edition has been updated for the newest Android SDKs, tools, utilities, and hardware. All sample code has been overhauled and tested on leading devices from multiple companies, including HTC, Motorola, and ARCHOS. Many new examples have been added, including complete new applications. This new edition also adds

  • Nine new chapters covering web APIs, the Android NDK, extending application reach, managing users, data synchronization, backups, advanced user input, and more
  • Greatly expanded coverage of Android manifest files, content providers, app design, and testing
  • New coverage of hot topics like Bluetooth, gestures, voice recognition, App Widgets, live folders, live wallpapers, and global search
  • Updated 3D graphics programming coverage reflecting OpenGL ES 2.0
  • An all-new chapter on tackling cross-device compatibility issues, from designing for the smallest phones to the big new tablets hitting the market
  • Even more tips and tricks to help you design, develop, and test applications for different devices
  • A new appendix full of Eclipse tips and tricks

This book is an indispensable resource for every member of the Android development team: software developers with all levels of mobile experience, team leaders and project managers, testers and QA specialists, software architects, and even marketers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Introducing Nexus S

Introducing Nexus S, the new Android phone from Google. A brilliant Contour Display, super speed, Gingerbread, and all the Google you can get.

Andy Rubin with Motorola Tablet Prototype with Honeycomb

Andy Rubin with Motorola Tablet Prototype with Honeycomb - All Things D

Monday, December 6, 2010

Android 2.3 User's Guide

Android 2.3 User's Guide is available to be downloaded: http://www.google.com/googlephone/AndroidUsersGuide-2.3.pdf

Android 2.3 Official Video

Highlights from the latest Android platform release

Android 2.3 is here!

Android 2.3 is now available for the Android SDK. In addition, new tools and documentation are available, plus a new NDK that offers more than ever. For more information about what's in Android 2.3, read the version notes.
If you have an existing SDK, add Android 2.3 as an SDK component. If you're new to Android, install the SDK starter package.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

CyanogenMod-6.1 Stable Has Landed!

CyanogenMod's crew of 10000 monkeys at 10000 typewriters have finally managed to crank out a new stable release. Versions for each device are rolling out now, and are available in the forums or via ROM Manager.
If you haven’t been tracking the release candidates, 6.1 is a major upgrade with tons of new features, support for a few new devices, new languages, and extra awesomesauce added :) Check out the CHANGELOG for a full list of what you can expect.

What CyanogenMod is

CyanogenMod (/sɪˈænoʊdʒəŋmäd/) is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for select Android devices.

Intended as a replacement for the software (also known as the "firmware" or "ROM") that comes factory installed on your smartphone, CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project – the same base software used in all Android phones. However, CyanogenMod offers several benefits over the pre-installed firmware, including vastly flexible interface andcustomization, a wider set of new features, and sometimes significant improvements in performance.
CyanogenMod's features may allow you to bypass software limitations imposed by carriers, which may prevent you from using the handset in a manner that they do not support. Such features include, but not limited to, the ability to overclock the phone's CPU, tether your phone to your computer, or fully back up your phone to your SD Card.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Firefox Mobile Add-ons Cup has arrived!

Develop a mobile add-on for Firefox and showcase your innovation to millions of mobile users. The Mobile Add-ons Cup is looking for compatible and innovative add-ons to extend Firefox on the Android and Maemo mobile platforms.
We’re looking for the best example in each of the six prize categories below:
  • Sports/Games
  • Commerce/ Shopping
  • Geolocation
  • Productivity
  • Sharing/Social
  • Novelty/Innovation
We invite developers of all experience levels to participate in creating awesome add-ons for Firefox mobile. You'll be rewarded with tons of exposure between now and January 7, 2011 when the contest wraps, and six winners will receive fantastic prizes.

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Cup

Google doodles for your phone

Google announced that more doodles will be bring to phone with Android 2.0+ and iOS 3+ devices worldwide. Almost all of the doodles show on desktop homepage will now have corresponding mobile versions on these phones. When the doodles are available, just go to google.com in your mobile browser to see them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to install Android market on Emulator

It's a article from Varun mention about How to install Android market on Emulator, you can refer here if you want to try Apps from Android Market on Emulator.

Android Market run on Emulator

Friday, November 26, 2010

OpeniBoot: an open source implementation of iBoot for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices

OpeniBoot is an open source implementation of iBoot for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It allows booting of unsigned code such as linux kernels on the device. There is also and OpeniBoot console (oibc) which can be connected to from a libusb enabled computer.
OpeniBoot is critical for the booting and usage of linux on the iPhone as it sets up and initializes many devices ready for the linux kernel to take over. Many iBoot functions are replicated here, however when booting iOS iBoot is chainloaded from the NOR to guarantee iOS will boot without problems even with OpeniBoot installed.
Latest Version: 0.1.3

Supported Devices

Currently the following devices are supported by OpeniBoot:
  • iPhone (iPhone1,1)
  • iPhone 3G (iPhone1,2)
  • iPod Touch 1st Generation (iPod1,1)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Content Rating for Android Market

Starting in a few weeks, Android Market will be showing content ratings for all applications. This new capability will provide users with additional information to help them select the best applications for them.

Applications will be rated according to four content rating levels: All, Pre-teen, Teen, & Mature.

To prepare for this launch, starting next week, developers submitting new or updated applications will be required to include a rating for all applications and games uploaded onto Android Market. In addition, developers will have the next several weeks to add a rating to their existing applications and games. Once content rating is visible to users, any applications or games that do not include a rating will be treated as “Mature”.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes to Android Market that require developers' attention

First, Google have added support for a recent changes feature, which allows developers to add notes about changes specific to the newest version of application. Developers are able to submit these from the Developer Console, similar to descriptions. In the Market app, these notes will appear under the app description as "Recent changes."

Second, there is now a ‘draft upload’ capability for application updates. This feature enables developers to edit app listing and upload a new version without affecting the version live in Market. The app listing edits will not change the live listing until developer select “Publish.”

Finally, Google are adding support for larger promotional graphics to showcase application. In addition to the currently required app screenshot, developers will be required to upload one “feature” graphic. Supported promotional assets will now include:
- A “feature” graphic, landscape aspect ratio, 1024 x 500 (required).
- A high-res icon, 512 x 512 (required).. The Android icon design guidelines located at http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/icon_design.html apply.
- 2 screen shots, 320w x 480h, 480w x 854h, or 480w x 800h, increasing to 8 screen shots in the future (1 required).
- A link for a promotional video hosted on YouTube (optional).

Google Sky Map- now with time travel

Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky.

the new version of Google Sky Map lets you time travel to see the sky at a specific date, past or future. After smooth travel to the desired year, you can fast forward or rewind in various speeds and watch how the sky changes.

Google Sky Map is available for Android-powered devices running Android 1.6 and above. Download this new version by going to Android Market on your phone, or by scanning the QR code below.

Mobile Editing in Google Docs

That means that...
  • You can work on that important memo...while on the bus or train to work.
  • If you’re behind on a group proposal, but really want to make it to the ball game tonight, your whole team can work on it from the bleacher seats.
  • You can take minute-by-minute notes at a concert so you’ll always remember the setlist. And your friends can jealously follow in real-time at home.
  • ...and the list goes on!
It’s easy to get started: visit docs.google.com in a browser on a supported device, and select the document you want to edit. Then, when you’re viewing it, press the Edit button to switch to the mobile editor.

Mobile Editing in Google Docs

Try Google Docs for mobile to edit your documents from wherever you are. http://mobile.google.com/docs

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samsung Open Source Release Center

Samsung Electronics offers extended source code benefited from open source communities. You can download or request source code of open source software that is used in Samsung product from Samsung Open Source Release Center. You can also post questions or share your ideas.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt shows up Samsung Nexus S in Web 2.0 Summit

Web 2.0 Summit 2010: Eric Schmidt, "A Conversation with Eric Schmidt"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Web 2.0 Summit 2010 Live Stream

During scheduled live broadcasts (see schedule), the live presentation will appear automatically below. After the conference ends, all recorded video from Web 2.0 Summit 2010 will be available on YouTube, web2summit.blip.tv, and as a podcast subscription.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Motorola FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR Teaser

Introducing Motorola FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR. This teaser product video shows off the latest Motorola Android 2.1 smartphone featuring enhanced MOTOBLUR. For those looking to stand out from the crowd, but stay in the loop this perfectly pocketable phone offers access to thousands of apps, replacement coloured covers, a full 5 row flip out keyboard, and your entire social life manageable from the homescreen. For more information please visit www.motorola.com/flipout

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mini Cooper S driven by Android

BeeWi bluetooth Mini Cooper S controlled by android phone ( samsung galaxy s ) at Trocader Paris ( Eiffel Tower )

Petit test , sous la Tour Eiffel et en avant première ,d'une nouvelle voiture téléguidée via le bluetooth des smartphone sous Android et Symbian....
Tres bientot disponible en magasin

Bluetooth Controlled Car BBZ201 ( Beewi )
- Intuitive motion control using mobile's orientation sensor or touch-screen button interface
- Super fast motor with full directional steering capability
- Requires 3X AA batteries
- Compatible with Android 2.1 Smartphones and above, Nokia Symbian^3 & S60 3rd & 5th editions

Google announce YouTube Remote App

Turn your Android device into a YouTube remote control! Use the full-featured interface on YouTube Remote to find and queue up videos to watch on the big screen. It’s like having a wireless video cable to your big screen!

To get started, simply sign in on YouTube Leanback and YouTube Remote with the same YouTube account.

Google redesigned Google News for mobile access

Google redesigned Google News for mobile access on smartphones including Android, iPhone and Palm Pre.

The story space is expanded to make tapping on articles easier and more accurate. Tapping anywhere on an article headline or snippet opens it up, and clicking on a section heading opens up that topic section on your screen.

In addition, the default view of stories is now collapsed, to reduce scrolling time. Users can ‘expand’ a story by tapping ‘More sources’, which brings users to related stories from other sources.

So, pick up your smartphone, point your browser to http://news.google.com, and catch up on news on the go.

Monday, November 8, 2010


OpenIntents collect, design, and implement open intents and interfaces to make Android mobile applications work more closely together. Samples and free applications are provided to demonstrate their usage.

Visit http://www.openintents.org/ or the Mobile View.

free Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi on every domestic flight in this holiday season

This holiday season, Google Chrome has teamed up with AirTran Airways, Delta, and Virgin America to offer free Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi on every domestic flight from November 20, 2010 through January 2, 2011. These participating airlines have outfitted their entire domestic fleet with Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi, and we expect more connected passengers this holiday season than ever before!
Just bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or mobile device and stay connected to family and friends while you travel.


Pro Android 3 cover Gingerbread

Android is hot—Android device sales are increasing and even challenging those of the ubiquitous iPhone. If you're a developer interested taking advantage of this expanding market and creating sophisticated apps using the latest Android SDK, then this is the book for you.

Pro Android 3
shows you how to build real-world and fun mobile applications using the new Android SDK, codename "Gingerbread." This book covers everything from the fundamentals of building apps for embedded devices to advanced concepts such as custom 3D components and multi-tasking.

This book offers hand-on tutorials and advice, so you’ll quickly be able to build mobile applications ranging from games to Google apps, including add-ons to Google Docs. You’ll be able to extend and run the new Google Chrome APIs on Droid, Nexus One, X10, and the dozens of other Android-based smartphones.

  • Discover the design and architecture of the Android SDK, and how to build mobile applications using the Android SDK.
  • Explore and use the Android APIs, including those for media and Wi-Fi.
  • Learn what’s new with Gingerbread: improved UI across all Android platforms, integration with WebM, the latest Flash integration techniques, and more

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gmail provide Android Theme

Gmail Android Theme

To setup Gmail using Android Theme:
1 - Click Settings on the top-right
2 - Click Theme under Settings
3 - Select Android Theme

HTC Developer Center

The HTC Developer Center is a place for developers to obtain essential resources to help you in developing great applications on HTC's Android and Windows Mobile phones.

Include Kernel Source Code and Binaries for HTC Android Phones for download.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get a FREE Android device from RadioShack, this weekend only!

On Saturday, November 6, RadioShack will kick-off the holiday season with 3 amazing deals just for their Facebook fans. Everyone who likes RadioShack on Facebook will have access to one of three limited-time offers. The offers are good from November 6-9, and customers will need to print a coupon and bring it to the store to redeem them. These offers are:
  • $10 off a purchase of $40 or more (in-store and online)
  • 20% off all accessories (in-store only)
  • Get a free Android phone (AT&T HTC Aria, Sprint LG Optimus S, or T-Mobile LG Optimus T) with a two-year agreement (in-store only)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Skyfire 2.0 for Android

Experience the world's hottest mobile browser with Skyfire 2.0 for Android. Check out the all new SkyBar™ which features:

Vibrant Video
watch videos, including Flash, while browsing your favorite sites

Explore Related
find related content & media to the page you're browsing

Social Sharing
makes browsing social with one-click share features for Facebook, Twitter and more

User Agent Switching
load pages for either mobile or desktop

Private Browsing
keeps your browsing private, with no data trail

Available on the Android Marketplace!

Launch the Marketplace application and search for "Skyfire". Skyfire runs on Android 1.5-2.2 devices.

or, Photograph this QR code with the Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles app on your Android phone and it'll point you to the Skyfire app in the Marketplace.

Google Instant in mobile

Google Instant makes search faster by displaying not just predictions but actual search results as you type. Updated,

Google are making a beta version available to most iPhone and Android devices in the U.S. To try it out, go to google.com in your phone’s browser and tap the Google Instant “Turn on” link beneath the search box (if you don’t see the “Turn on” link, try waiting a moment and then refresh the page).

It’s currently available for Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) devices and iPhones and iPods running iOS 4 in the U.S. in English.

Introducing Google Instant for mobile, beta

Google Instant for mobile is now available for Android (2.2+) devices and iPhone (iOS4) in the US. Just go to Google.com on your phone and tap "Turn on" the Instant Beta to enable it and give it a try. Read more at http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/.

Enter the Android wallpaper contest for a chance to win a new Android phones.

Want the Opera Android guy on your phone? Can't wait? Enter the Android wallpaper contest for a chance to win one of two new Android phones.

Download the Opera for Android icon (transparent png). Make sure to use the icon in your design. Any submission without the Opera for Android icon will not be evaluated.
Submit your contribution to prizes@opera.com. The best design will be announced and featured on the Opera Mobile campaign site.

- http://my.opera.com/chooseopera/blog/2010/11/03/the-great-big-android-wallpaper-contest

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK (Developer's Library)

Want to get started building applications for Android, the world’s hottest, fast-growing mobile platform? Already building Android applications and want to get better at it? This book brings together all the expert guidance–and code–you’ll need!

Completely up-to-date to reflect the newest and most widely used Android SDKs, The Android Developer’s Cookbook is the essential resource for developers building apps for any Android device, from phones to tablets.

Proven, modular recipes take you from the absolute basics to advanced location-based services, security techniques, and performance optimization. You’ll learn how to write apps from scratch, ensure interoperability, choose the best solutions for common problems, and avoid development pitfalls. Coverage includes:
  • Implementing threads, services, receivers, and other background tasks
  • Providing user alerts
  • Organizing user interface layouts and views
  • Managing user-initiated events such as touches and gestures
  • Recording and playing audio and video
  • Using hardware APIs available on Android devices
  • Interacting with other devices via SMS, web browsing, and social networking
  • Storing data efficiently with SQLite and its alternatives
  • Accessing location data via GPS
  • Using location-related services such as the Google Maps API
  • Building faster applications with native code
  • Providing backup and restore with the Android Backup Manager
  • Testing and debugging apps throughout the development cycle

Turn to The Android Developer’s Cookbook for proven, expert answers–and the code you need to implement them. It’s all you need to jumpstart any Android project, and create high-value, feature-rich apps that sell!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Google Election Center

Google Election Center helps you provide up-to-date election information to voters and create custom search tools for your website. You can submit the following kinds of information:
  • Polling place locations
  • Registration instructions
  • Ballot information
  • State and local election office contact information
The Election Center Data Manager will guide you through the process of uploading and validating your information. After receiving your information, Google will display election information to your voters through our Maps application.
or Visit http://m.googleelectioncenter.com/ using mobile.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New in Google Maps for Android: Updated reviews, search filters, and Latitude real-time updating

Today, we are launching Google Maps 4.6 with a new design for Place page reviews, more options to filter search results, and a Google Latitude real-time updating option.

Get Google Maps 4.6 for Android 1.6 and above everywhere Maps is already available. Just search for Google Maps in Android Market (or tap here from your phone).

Source: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2010/10/new-in-google-maps-for-android-updated.html

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#1 in PCWorld Best Tech Products 2010 - Google Android 2.2

PCWorld scanned the entire universe of technology this year--HDTVs, phones, tablets, PCs, e-book readers, storage, software, services, apps, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, and more--and picked the 100 best. Here's how we ranked them.

Best Tech Products 2010: Full List, 1-100 - PCWorld

Google Android 2.2 Google Android 2.2
Smartphone operating system; included with phone Mobility led the tech industry in innovation in 2010, and amid a flourishing array of great mobile products, we found one consistent standout this year: Google Android. Expected to eclipse Apple's iOS in market share by year's end, Android brings powerful apps, a slick interface, and extreme customizability to a host of phones and tablets available across a multitude of carriers. As a result, Android provides selection--the one thing that the iPhone platform can't promise. Add to that mix a flexible browser with Flash 10.1 support, OS-wide voice control and dictation features, and a rapidly expanding app ecosystem, and Android 2.2 (aka "Froyo") is the OS to beat in the burgeoning mobile age. (#1 in the PCWorld 100)

Top benefits of upgrading your Xperia™ X10 software to Android 2.1

Explore the new features included in the software upgrade and Android 2.1 in your Xperia™ X10

Nikon 3D digital photo frame NF-300i running Android

The Android™ mobile operating system has been built into the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling playback of 3D images and standard 2D images and movies with a dedicated my Picturetown 3D application that provides collaboration with my Picturetown. In addition to basic image viewing functions, including display of images stored on my Picturetown and playback of slideshows created from these images (3D images included), as well as display of distributed contents such as the Nikon 3D Gallery, the dedicated my Picturetown 3D application also supports use of a calendar, a clock, display of weather reports and a news reader function. In addition, simple Web browsing is also possible from the Android™ home screen.

Source: http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2010/1026_nf-300i_01.htm

What's more, the Android mobile operating system has been adopted for the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling the inclusion of functions other than simple image viewing, including a calendar, a clock and display of weather information. my Picturetown 3D is only available in Japan.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[GALAXY Tab] Samsung GALAXY Tab Official Commercial

"More possibilities on the go, Samsung GALAXY Tab "

Click here for the Best Buy Homepage

Google Code Blog: We’re giving away 10,000 Google TV devices. To you...

Google Code Blog: We’re giving away 10,000 Google TV devices. To you...: "One of the things that makes Google TV different is that it has an Internet browser built-in so users have full access to the entire web on ..."

The Nexus One forum will become read-only on November 1st.

Announced on nexus one help forum:

The Nexus One forum will be archived and become read-only on November 1st. Please see the Nexus One Terms of Sale for details regarding support. If you have questions about using applications on your Nexus One post them to the Google Mobile Forum.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Samsung - Galaxy Tab 3G is available pre-selling at BestBuy

 Do more while on the move with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Experience PC-like Web browsing and enjoy all forms of multimedia content on the perfectly sized 7-inch display including Adobe Flash. Continuously communicate via e-mail, voice and video call with the dual cameras, and through social networks with the optimized user interface. Works with a Wi-Fi connection and the Wireless 3G network.

Pre-sell of Samsung - Galaxy Tab 3G (Sprint/Verizon Wireless) is available at BestBuy now.

Click here for the Best Buy Homepage

Sony introducing the world's first HDTV powered by Google TV

Search with Web and TV
  • Easily search and view TV shows, movies and videos from broadcast TV, compatible DVRs² and the Internet³
  • Seamlessly navigate the Internet and TV or enjoy both at the same time, on the same screen
  • Surf the Web, check e-mail, update your Facebook status or track your fantasy sports team while watching TV at the same time; no need to switch between your TV and the computer to access content
Easy to use
  • Quickly find what you want with the intuitive, handheld keypad
  • Watch TV, browse the Internet, or do both at the same time with the press of a button
  • Load Web content with ease using the powerful Intel processor³
  • Give your home entertainment network the convenience of wireless connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Access the expanding library of apps from the Android Market (Android application will be available in early 2011)
  • Bookmark shows, Web sites and apps³ so you can quickly view your favorite content
  • Link to Android mobile phones to use them as an additional remote control, search content with voice navigation, or share Web content between the phone and TV
Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray player
  • Add Google TV to an HDTV you already own to access more entertainment than ever before
  • Seamlessly navigate between Web sites and television channels or enjoy both at the same time within the same screen with Dual View
  • Watch your favorite Blu-ray movies in full HD 1080p

Adobe AIR 2.5 is Now Available!

Adobe is pleased to announce at the Adobe MAX 2010 conference the availability of Adobe AIR 2.5 for televisions, tablets, smartphones and desktop operating systems. Adobe AIR 2.5 now supports:
  • Smartphones and tablets based on BlackBerry® Tablet OS, Android™ and iOS
  • Desktops running on Windows®, Macintosh and Linux® operating systems
  • Televisions with Samsung as the first television manufacturer to ship Adobe AIR in its line of Samsung SmartTV devices
Also device manufactures Acer, HTC, Motorola, RIM, Samsung and others are expected to ship the AIR runtime pre-installed on a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones later this year and early 2011. A list of mobile devices that meet the AIR system requirements can be found on Adobe.com.
Source: http://blogs.adobe.com/air/2010/10/adobe-air-2-is-now-available.html

Sunday, August 22, 2010

AppBrain: New ways to find the Android apps

AppBrain released a major update to the AppBrain website with these new features:
  • Hot apps for each category
  • Sort apps by rating
  • Browse popular apps per country, gender, age
 Try the new AppBrain

Friday, August 20, 2010

Android Drawable List

AndroidDrawable is a tools for Android developers, it show the Android build-in resources in android.R.drawable (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/R.drawable.html).

The app show you the resources id and name.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AsciiTable beta 0.21

AsciiTable beta 0.21:

- Correct charset ISO-8859-1between 0x80~9F.

Windows-1252 - Wikipedia
ISO-8859-1 - Wikipedia

AsciiTable beta 0.2

Update beta 0.2

- Add options for charset of windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1.
- Add options for text size.


ASCII Table, with extended ASCII (0x80-0xFF) of charset "windows-1252".

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Magic Light

Magic Paint is a FREE App run on Android device. The color can be set any value of a combination of Red, Green and Blue. Or it can be set random, such that you can create a colorful painting.

A torch is used as the light source usually. So the color of the painting is always a single color. The advantage of using mobile phone as the light source is the color can be changed as you want, even change in painting.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Focus Pane

Sometimes photograph in night time with dim lighting only, it's not easy to focus. I will ask my model turn on his mobile phone and hold it beside his face for focus. But, the screen of normal mobile phone display some small icons only, it's not for focus. So I add this feature on the App, hope it can help to focus.

Samples of Light Painting using Magic Light, a Android App.

Sample photos of Painting using Magic Light Android App.

Android's Buddy

Android's Buddy