Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sync your photos with gpx, TrackMyPhotos on Android

It's a preliminary under test version.

The app TrackMyPhotos sync photos with recorded gpx file. It aim to sync photos from DSLR, Digital Camera without GPS.

The app will match the Exif date/time with the gpx log to find the location where the photos were taken. The photos will be copied to a new sub-folder, with updated Latitude and Longitude tags.

For the gpx source, the App "My Tracks" by Google is a good chooice, alternatively you can use portable GPS logger.

- Copy your photos and gpx file to your Android device.
- In the app, select the photos folder.
- Select gpx file.
- Tap on the Sync button.

After sync., you can view the photos on map using my another app geoLLERY to check the location. It can also manually edit the Exif geo tags to fine tune the location.

Tested gpx source:
- Exported from "My Tracks" by Google. After recorded, select MENU -> Save to external storage -> Save as GPX.
- gpx generated using desktop application gpicsync and portable GStarz GPS logger.

Tested photos source:
- Nikon D700
- Olympus E-PL3

Please understand that it's under tested. You are welcome to install and test. Also please help to improve it: No matter success or fail, please leave me comments to state what device you use, gpx source and camera to take the photos.

If fail, you can help me to improve it by sending me email (, with photos and gpx attached, and state what device you use. thx...thx...thx.

Get it on Google Play